I would love to spend my free time in sharing my knowledge and experience with those who could benefit from it and to learn more about other non- competing industries in my area of interest.

My professional expertise lies in sales excellence and customer experience management. I have designed and delivered global programs in both these specialist areas. I understand what it takes to unleash the capability of your frontline sales teams and enable them to perform at their peak potential. I specialize in designing exceptional customer experiences, determining key touch points along the customer journey and deploying programs to measure the experience. I have the expertise of running multiple customer experience measurement programs such as Voice of Customer, Mystery Shopping and Brand Assessments. All this combined with my experience of working in frontline sales management, gives me the practical skills of doing what I preach.

The Customer Experience domain is very new in my home country, Pakistan. While organizations understand Customer Services, the understanding of the whole customer journey and the experience along it is less understood. I welcome opportunities to exchange ideas, apply my knowledge and help increase the awareness and understanding of Customer Experience and Sales Excellence.

To find about my professional background, visit my LinkedIn profile or drop me an email to share your challenges and discuss how these could be overcome. I look forward to hearing from you!

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