Customer Experience

Incredible Experiences can take place anywhere – at a super store, a five-star hotel chain, on the road, at an exotic new destination, using a gadget, watching a movie, sitting at home ordering a pizza or just by talking to someone! The probable instances are countless.

Then there are experiences that may not be incredible yet, but could easily be turned into one. This blog is all about such experiences. Talking about the ones that were great and suggesting why some of these could have been better.

Join me on my quest to explore cultures, products and services around the world and share Incredible Experiences!
May 28, 2017
Careem and Uber

Ride-Hailing services leave a lot to be desired in Pakistan

The launch of ride hailing services, Uber and Careem, in Pakistan has got everyone super excited and sometimes emotional about the services and the concept. One cannot be too surprised, […]
May 24, 2017

Nayatel – Setting Exceptional Customer Experience Standards

  If I have to pick out one company in Pakistan that consistently delivers great customer experience, I would pick Nayatel ( without a second thought. After having used the service […]